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Actor, Creator, Turkish Prince 

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Hello! Welcome! It's so nice to have you here! My name is "Sea-Belle Dah-Marr", nice to meet you! Please don't call me Sybil, although, I do have 32 personalities (wink wink). I am an actor and a content creator- but wait, it's not what you're thinking. I don't do TikTok dances and thirst traps! (Okay sometimes I do thirst traps) I write scripts, film and edit them on Adobe Premiere Pro, and then I upload those and that's how I make a living! It's so much fun! It's almost exactly like a TV show except the budget consists of too much coffee and some really bad wigs. 

I love collaboration, and creating things that are both engaging and meaningful! 

Download my resume and holler at me! 

Education & Training


Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre NY 

Completed all levels of UCB Improv 101- Adavanced Study Performance. House team member of "Characters Welcome" 2019-2020

Member of "We Will Slay" ASP 2018-2020


University of North Carolina at Greensboro

BFA Acting, studying under John Gulley, Michael Flannery, Denise Gabriel and Christine Morris. Completed a conservatory style program focused on movement, voice, mask work, Shakespeare, and on camera acting. 


The Freeman Studio 

Scene study work focusing on modern plays, film and Television under the direction of Scott Freeman. 

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